Coffee at its finest

Our roasters started the blend design with the Brazil which is a great base and a beautiful coffee on its own. The Brazil is smooth and mellow with a good sweetness and notes of chocolate. To complement they added our El Salvador coffee which added a juicy sweetness and delicious notes of caramel. To calm the acidity down and to add even more body they used a special coffee from India. This coffee from India is from Malabar and is aged - a so called monsooned coffee. The Indian coffee has been exposed to monsoon winds for about six weeks - this makes it very unique in flavour and adds a huge body. Excellent as we are looking for as much body as we can.

The result is a coffee with lots of body, a beautiful sweetness and not too much acidity.

The Blend is a medium-dark roast dropped just before the oils come out. Because of the blend design and the way it is roasted it works great with larger amounts of milk. This coffee really shines as a cappuccino and a latte. Also really beautiful as a ristretto - the shorter the better almost to really bring out the caramel notes.

Body: 5/5

Sweetness: 3/5

Acidity: 2/5

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